Prior to the pandemic, we were all used to a world of feeling the physical presence of learning, through classrooms, real-life interactions with batchmates, teachers, faculty, and even the physical presence of study materials and books.

Post pandemic everything has been digitized. Who could have guessed that children can learn from the little devices at home? Study materials have shifted to pdfs, and classes are done on their computers. Students have more or less adapted to this change.

The quality of the education doesn’t depend on your classroom, but how effectively the teacher teaches, and how much of it you grasp and understand. Some of the best IITJEE online coaching institutes in Kolkata have understood this and mastered the art of teaching students remotely. 

Moving onto the other changes we saw in the education sector that is sure to stay for a long time, for our benefit and well-being. 

The world has adopted a hybrid model of learning.

In the past few years, the education sector has switched to a blended or hybrid model of learning. Teachers and faculty have picked up ways to interact with students remotely and in person. This flexibility of being able to switch between remote and in-person experience will be helpful even during an individual crisis or for any future needs too. 

Parents and guardians have started to see the real benefits of the internet.

Till now it has been a debate whether “the internet is a boon or curse”, with parents continuously worrying if the internet helps students in the way everyone claims. This pandemic has led parents to see how effective and judicious use of the internet can be really helpful.  The Internet enables students to access the best resources despite physical presence. 

Students have gained an interest in learning.

Attending lectures in a closed classroom can be tough sometimes. Our attention might wander off at all different places. But the digitization of education has made it more fun as teachers use digital means, like fun slides, 3D diagrams, etc to get the attention of the students. This was not even a possibility, as teachers or faculty would have to invest a lot to make their classroom digital, today it is possible through the devices they own, having not to spend anything extra to make learning easier and fun for the students. 

Coaching institutes are focusing on online faculty development.

There are several entrance exams that lakhs of students apply for, one of such exams is IIT-JEE. There are hundreds of coaching institutes that are trying to build infrastructure and train their faculty to be more efficient with the growing need for technology. The best institutes across India, are hiring the best faculty and providing them with the resources so that they teach and students can learn uninterrupted. Teachers and students alike will have the benefit of this for far longer after the pandemic is gone. 

The real world is making a shift to the digital world.

In the real world, students wasted hours traveling and got exhausted from the physical exertion of having to go around the city, attending school, and then their coaching classes. The shift to online classes has helped them avail the best education from their homes. It helps them save time and cut short the unnecessary physical exhaustion. 

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