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Rancho's Weekly Challenge Winners-

Class IX-X winners are Swapnomon Murari (1st) from Delhi Public School Megacity and Pratyush Chatterjee (2nd) from Bhavan's Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir. Class XI-XII winners are Saumili Roy (1st) from Bhavan's Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir and Rudrasish Gupta (2nd) from Hariyana Vidya Mandir. Logical Reasoning Winners are Ayan Atal (1st) from R.V. College of Engineering and Rudrasish Gupta (2nd) from Hariyana Vidya Mandir. English Comprehension winners are Abhirup Dandapat (1st) from The Newtown School and Md.Arman Hussain (2nd) from S.B.P.Vidya-Vihar. Computer Knowledge Winners are Pradyum Mohta (1st) from Heritage Institue of Techq and Swapnomon Murari (2nd) from Delhi Public School Megacity.

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Our Mentors

B.Tech from IIT Madras and M.S. (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) has 20 years into mentoring JEE aspirants. Way back he quit his comfortable job in the US and attached fresh rudders for a new voyage. Treating Maths and Physics with an integrated approach, as if they were two sides of the same coin, brought him distinction as a mentor. Maintaining focus on problem solving, he helped a full generation sail past an otherwise turbulent sea. He has stood eminently enviable in the fraternity, having created not just students who stood tall in the corporate amidst appalling competition but also mentors and teachers who made a difference. His efforts have earned him recognition from a full generation. His appetite to deliver remains intact.

Chemistry can remain a ‘mystery’ if you are not in competent hands. Of the very few people in the country who can deliver every aspect of chemistry end to end, Tapan is one.It’s not easy to see with the white of you eyes, the molecules and the atoms and their interplay, if Tapan is not your chemistry mentor.To bring to life the mechanisms of organic chemistry, it warrants, somebody of the stature of Tapan Singh to be there. To make inorganic chemistry as vibrant as organic, you need Tapan. With a demeanour which is otherwise serious, Tapan Singh has all the deliverables in place.

A graduate of IIT Madras, started a teaching stint when he was himself a student. This experience of his brought him to terms with the ground reality of real problems and issues, an aspirant faces. He is a potent combination of two things. He is young and old. Young - because of his age and old because of his long years into teaching. His classes in Maths are Kinetic energy replete. He can traverse from end of the spectrum to the end in any topic seamlessly. He punches power in suitably calibrated quantities deftly and effectively, making him perfect from a student perspective. It’s about time, that his services reach out to every nook and corner of the country, with students being the biggest beneficiaries.Shatrudh regularly holds counselling sessions for parents and is a great driving force.

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Why learn with us?


Our lively and energetic coaches have a cumulative coaching experience of over 150,000 hours. Known as the best coaches in industry, Malaya, Tapan, and Shatrudh have together steered more than 2000 students passed the IIT-JEE hurdle and several thousand into other premier Engineering colleges. Imparting critical conceptual knowledge pertaining to IIT-JEE was only a small percentage of their deliverables. To create a non-peril learning experience that would completely transform the problem-solving personality of a student was the bigger objective. This foundation that was imparted early on, set them up to become an important member of a professional community working for top MNC’s like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Mckinsey, Tesla.


We at Rancho’s are making a revolutionary shift from traditional teaching and offline education system. For the first time ever, Rancho’s will evolve a completely new way of teaching and learning by combining the best coaches along with their engaging content to impart the concepts in an absolutely new form. The focus will be on sharpening the problem solving skills through rigorous problem solving exercises to awaken the genius inside the students. This kind of teaching is the first of its kind, ever.


Video lessons (attend anytime) where each concept is explained visually, helps a student to have an in-depth knowledge on the topic. Also, a student can attend a video lesson multiple times until the concept is understood completely. This gives the students time to pace his learning according to his capability, allowing the student holistic grasp of the fundamentals.

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