Lockdown has forced everyone to a work-from-home environment. Amid this situation, students often wonder if they should switch to online coaching, and if yes what is the best online iitjee coaching to study from?

We have listed down the advantages and disadvantages for students to gain a better understanding and compare for themselves before switching to online coaching. 

Advantages of online coaching:

  1. One can save time spent on travel. 

For teachers and students alike, the commute time can be a long non-fulfilling task. Live online classes can be attended from anywhere at any time. This gives us the choice to utilize the otherwise wasted time to our benefit. 

Students can catch up on extra revisions and teachers can get the much-needed break.

2. The benefit of recorded lectures and self-paced videos.

Due to an emergency, a student is unable to attend his classes, he is going to miss important lectures and notes. But with platforms like Ranchos Academy students get access to self-paced videos that they can avail themselves of multiple times. This gives students an upper hand at learning. They can revise according to their understanding of the subject matter instead of what the majority of their class finds difficult. 

3. One can save up on rent.

Students who rent out rooms at hostels or stay as paying guests can now easily attend classes from their homes, and hence save up on rent. Teachers who needed to rent offices can switch to their homes too.

4. Ample resources.

Students have access to a wide range of study materials like e-books, past year questions, and mock tests at their disposal. Similar to video lectures students can access them again and again till their doubts persist. This makes learning comfortable and easier for students.

5. Best faculty at your fingertips.

While conventional coaching limits you to the teachers in your city, online coaching lets you choose from the best faculty available. Most teachers on online teaching platforms are highly qualified and have trained lakhs of students through their JEE preparations. 

Disadvantages of online coaching:

  1. Availability of a quiet environment.

The appropriate environment to study that a classroom offers might not be present in the case of every student. 

 We need to make sure that we have the minimum background noise possible while we are attending our classe

2. Distractions.

It is easier to get distracted with our devices so close to us. An urge to check social media in the middle of classes is almost inevitable but a student fixated on their goal knows to save the social media for their leisure time. 

3. Unstable internet connection.

A lousy internet connection can disrupt important interactive sessions.

4. Time management.

Online coaching helps you save time, but it depends on how you make use of it. The freedom of time comes with the responsibility of time management. Online coaching puts students in charge of managing and scheduling their time, which sometimes leads to procrastination. 

Flexible, self-paced learning at a cheaper cost makes online coaching a great option for students. But at the end of the day, everyone is different and must choose their mode of learning according to their preferences and needs. 

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